#InstiWitty: We daily use service of google, like google search, google chrome, google map, YouTube, Safari, Firebox or any such browser etc. but you might be surprised to know that google can easily access all of our data through our search history, location and voice searches that help improve googles services and provide relevant ads and information.

Here some of data Google has about you

  • Your entire Google search history:

    Google saves every single search you have ever done, they all data store in google.You can see all of your search histories which google has stored by this link.


You can also see your account activity record that tells you about all the Google services you are using by this link.

  • Get a monthly security and privacy report from Google

Some of the information Google stores is given directly to the company by the users themselves when they sign up for the products, such as names, phone numbers, and locations. Other information, however, Google gathers through recording and storing users’ search terms and the items they “click” on while perusing the Internet. You can access to your data here

  • Find out your location history

Google can trace your location, if you use android, your mobile device may be sending your location to google.You can see your entire location history here:

  • Export all of your data out of Google

    Google lets you export all your data:
    bookmarks, emails, contacts, drive files, profile info, your youtube videos, photos and
    more here: https://www.google.com/takeout

  • Everything you said in voice command by ok google

you can find out entire history what you said by voice command in google.You can get all recording by this link

  • History of youtube searches

Google also keeps a history of your YouTube searches.You can find it here:

  • Find out all the apps and extensions that are accessing your Google data

The account activity page also offers a list of all the apps that have any type of access to your data.You can see the exact type of permissions granted to the app and revoke access to your data here: