Every one of has have at least tried auto correct once we are texting someone using a smartphone. Auto correct will be the most effective one while sending a message or email to someone we know. But this can also go wrong in some situations, if you don’t read the text before it is that will be a big shame to you. Suppose you want to text a friend ‘what is the time in London’ but the text which you had send to him is ‘which is the timing in London’. The message he had received will not be of any meaning. Both the person who send and the person who had received the message will be having some trouble. Here are a few tricks you can follow to get a good conversation.

Add your Acronym and code words to your dictionary

You can add some words in your gmail account. If you need to send a message to your friend and that text is not in the dictionary the best way is to add that word in your personal dictionary. For example if you had typed ‘hbd’ instead of ‘Happy birth day’ and saved in your dictionary it will automatically retrieves ‘hbd’ when you want to type ‘Happy birth day’ next time. When you want to add a word you can press the “add to dictionary” option in the top of the keyboard so the word will be saved. If you type the word related to the added word in the dictionary it will come when you hit the first button itself.

If you do not have an option to add  the word to dictionary in your default keyboard you will have to directly add the word in settings. Click on settings> Language & input> Personal dictionary. Press the plus sign button to the screen to add a new word.

Setting up third-party keyboards

 When you are using a third party keyboard application like Swiftkey, probably the application will understand from your behavior and stop correcting words you are using frequently.  You can also press the prediction box available in the top of the keyboard. In application like Swype, you can add the words to dictionary bu simply pressing on the word. Long press on the word will lead to deletion.

How to enable and disable Auto-correct

You have the complete freedom to enable or disable the Auto-correct option. The android keyboard and third-party keyboards have an option to delete it.
Settings> Language & input> Google Keyboard> Auto-correction.

From this settings you can turn ON or OFF the Auto-correct settings. Now google had introduced a new application called google Gboard which can be used to search in google website directly while we are texting someone.
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