The finale of ‘Bigg Boss 10’ hasn’t even aired yet and rumors are ripe that

and rumors are ripe that Manveer Gurjar has already won the show. Doesn’t come as a surprise at all, given his popularity on the show and how evident it has been throughout that he really was the most loved man on ‘Bigg Boss 10’. From a nobody to the most loved man on ‘Bigg Boss 10’, Manveer Gurjar surely has come a long way. Here are 6 interesting facts you need to know about him!

  1. Manveer Gurjar still lives with a joint family of 49 members!

  1. For what it’s done for the Gurjar community, Manveer Gurjar has pledged his alliance to Aam Aadmi Party.Manveer Gurjar

  2. Proud of his roots, Manveer Gurjar is a dairy farm owner.

  3. He has a keen interest in wrestling and gymming. He believes in the importance of fitness and sports.

  4. Manveer Gurjar’s real name Manoj Kumar Baisoya.

  5. Without being on social media yet, Manveer Gurjar is already scooting ahead with the maximum number of votes on the show, thanks to his aggressive fan following in his community. Being a commoner pitted against popular celebrities like Bani J and Gaurav Chopra, it’s quite a big deal!
    Here’s hoping the future holds a lot of surprises, luck and success for this man!