That was difficult to me. Difficult to me understand what’s going on.
when I opened my eyes for the first time, I found myself in the arms of someone and that feeling makes me so comfortable, and I saw myself surrounded by peoples more people gathered to celebrate my birth.
yes..that the time I was the newborn baby, my mom, nd dad who gave me birth and gives me the new life, they were happy… that was my dad who took me up in his arm.

But I was little scared….They all staring at me. I heard someone said. I m the girl, and the another person said to kill her daughter because before her birth they want a son… I was so scared… What they will do with me.
I was so scared…
What they will do with me.
I can’t understand what the meaning of girl and boy….
That the time I m only little child who wants to live the life.. unaware from traditions and customs of society and unconsciousness from everything.
I feel lucky to found that parents, they were happy for me, but the people of theses society and their traditions are not allowed for my freedom because they have an only reason I m a girl, but why they don’t know..i neither born to follow their traditions or their society.
I have my own ambitions, and I wants to fly without any barrier.