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जम्मू-कश्मीर: माछिल में घुसपैठ कर रहे पांच आतंकी ढेर, सेना ने कि

जम्मू-कश्मीर के माछिल सेक्टर में घुसपैठ कर रहे पांच आतंकियों को सेना ने ढेर कर दिया है। उन सभी आतंकियों के पास से सेना के जवानों ने हथियार बरामद किया है।…
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Nine Fascinating Things That Happen to Your Body While You Sleep

We at InstiWitty decided to investigate this fascinating topic further. Here are the nine most curious things that happen to your body when you fall into the arms of Morpheus and let your conscious mind turn off for a few hours. 1. Your muscles are paralyzed When you enter…
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It's The Ultimate Answer To Your Fitness Woes - Beer Yoga !!! Is Now A Reality

Are you the kind of person that applies for a gym membership only to waste money and cry later? Or that beer belly makes people laugh and ask you if you are giving birth to the child of a pizza? Or maybe you do try hard but the ‘no alcohol’ clause holds you back every…