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April 2017

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9 Romantic Things To Do For Couples In Shimla

Himachal Pradesh has unparalleled splendor that makes it one of the most sought after tourist destinations in India. And the capital of the state, Shimla, by all means, lives up to its reputation. The place boasts of being irrevocably magnificent and rich with the bountiful nature, superb architecture dating back to the colonial times and the brilliant sightseeing spots in and around the…
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Once India’s ‘King of Good Times,’ Is Arrested in UK | Vijay Mal

NYTimes Say’s: Vijay Mallya in 2012. British police arrested him on Tuesday, as part of extradition proceedings that could lead to him being sent back to India, which he fled more than a year ago under an avalanche of unpaid bills and accusations of fraud. Credit Ahmad…