#InstiWitty: So it’s Valentine’s Day and it’s been done to death. And, let’s face it, fancy dinner dates at expensive places is getting a little too soppy for all of us here! We’d rather stay home and get some than go out, eat some, spend some and then spend some more! I mean who are we kidding? She isn’t even buying any of your cheesy lines anymore, or that ‘charm’ that always worked like magic or that move you used to make on her! And it’s Valentine’s Day! Again! What now?!
As it turns out, in the whole need to make Valentine’s Day such a big deal, you end up falling short in the bedroom. We don’t mean size-wise; we mean in terms of ideas. How do you reignite the passion of another Valentine’s romance for yet another year without succumbing to the corporate hullabaloo of shelling out cash? How do you spice things up? Is there even one way to that?
Calm your nerves. We’ve got you sorted because we have 10 such ways that will help spice up the sex and keep you from taking your begging bowl to the streets for the rest of the month!

1. Stay Out Of The Bedroom

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Get out of the bedroom. Let the bed be for the cuddling, the sleeping, and the 3 AM conversations. Bring your sex out of that periphery. How to do this, you ask?

  • Organize a rom-com fest in your living room while the two of you snuggle up on the couch. Don’t forget to keep the intimacy and the mush to an all-time high and watch as you get frisky on the couch with a movie in the background. Lesson: Not all rom-com’s are boring!

  • Suggest that the two of you spend the evening preparing a home-cooked meal for a romantic dinner. Turn on some music that is worth getting it on to, then, let the kitchen transform into one of the hottest experiences of your life—from the floor to the counter!

2. Food Fetish

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Or Food Play, refers to sitophilia, or a kind of sexual fetishism, as mentioned on Wikipedia. It is a situation in which food is used as a sexual stimulant to arouse your partner. What it involves? Place edible items—fruits, salads, vegetables, desserts and processed meats—on your partner in a way that the items cover her entire body. Then, using nothing but your mouth, eat the items off her. Another way of doing this is using nothing but butter, chocolate syrup and some honey.
It won’t just stop at the food.

3. Body Shots

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Valentine’s Day can be a fun day to get drunk and who better to accompany you than your significant other? But stir things up. Instead of doing bottoms up, place the shots on your girlfriend’s back, or stomach, as against a flat surface. Now, using just your mouth, drink up and, cheers!

4. Hands On

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Plan an evening of wellness with your partner. Invite her over with an itinerary that boasts nothing but massages wearing nothing but sexy lingerie (that you should gift her that very morning). Light the candles, the essence sticks, buy some essential oils—preferably a fragrance of her choice—play some soft music and remember, it’s a give-and-take world. So, return the favor to her when you must.

5. Play Blind

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Invite her over, but just as she is about to enter your place, blindfold her (be sure to keep it a soft linen, or a satin cloth) and guide her inside. Then undress her slowly while whispering sweet nothings about what you want to do to her. Remember that this is all about you pleasing her while she is blindfolded. Our senses are always amplified when we are visually impaired. We become more aware of what we are feeling, hearing or experiencing. So make it a feast for her soul, and one for your eyes!

6. Lucky Dips

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No, not skinny-dipping (but, if you’ve got a pool for that, go right ahead)! Each of you has to write at least 5 small notes on what you would want the other person to do for you in bed. Once you’ve written these on small pieces of paper, throw these into a bowl. Then sit across each other and take turns to open these chits, discuss what the two of you have written and do it right then and there, before moving on to the next piece of paper. This is a great way for both of you to get what you want in bed) without sounding too forward, in case you’re shy.

7. Strip Poker

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What better way than Valentine’s Day to bring out the gambler in you and increase the stakes by announcing that each time one of you loses a hand, you lose a piece of clothing. By the end of the game, you’re both sitting naked and ready for some action. Reason: You sat across each other for so long, not acting on your basic sexual instincts that now, basically, you’re both as horny as ever! It was a feast for the eyes but you need to feast now!

8. Role Play

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So you’ve been dying to try something different in bed, like you always wanted to do it with a teacher, or a nurse. Get your girl to transform for you this Valentine’s Day and do the same for her. Become the fireman she always wanted to make love to, or the doctor she keeps fantasizing about. Basically, fulfill each of your sexual desires, complete with costumes, small scripts and dialogues. How this helps? It helps take the edge of for both of you; not to mention, the two of you will also have lighter moments when you’ll be laughing at each other’s silliness which turns you on even more.

9. Toy Story

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Get her a vibrator and a pair of handcuffs, get it delivered ahead of time to her place and slip her a note, or a phone call to tell her how the two of you would be needing it for your Valentine’s date indoors. How to use it? Figure it out for yourself now, will you? If we’re doing all the work, we should get all the action, too, you know!

10. The ‘B’, ‘D’, ‘S’, ‘M’ Word

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BDSM stands for Bondage and Disciple, Sadism and Masochism (for more information on what these words mean individually, go check out this cool old invention called a Dictionary). For those of you who have tried every position in the holy Kama Sutra (Respect!) and are looking for something more to get off on, this is what you need. Why? Your girl is crazy about the Fifty Shades of Grey trilogy (don’t ask why). This could be your one chance to redeem yourself in her eyes and take the place of that one book character she would rather make love to (The name’s Christian Grey, FYI)! Tie her up, get her on her knees, give her a safe word and take the reins!

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